The Cuteness



Name: The Cuteness

Build: 9 Factotum/1 Swordsage

HP: 9d8+0/(52 hp)

AC: 16 (touch 16, FF 10) (Can use inspiration point to add 7 to AC for one round against one opponent)

Attack: Dagger +12/+7 and Dagger +12, melee (1d3+4) or Dart +13 (1d3-2)

Sneak Attack +1d6 with daggers

Stats: 32 point buy
Stat Points Racial Level Base Magic Total
STR 0 -4 0 4 0 4
DEX 10 +6 0 22 0 22
CON 2 0 0 10 0 10
INT 16 +2 +2 22 2 24
WIS 2 0 0 10 0 10
CHA 2 0 0 10 0 10
Save Base Stat Misc Total
Fort 4 0 0 4
Ref 10 6 0 16
Will 4 0 0 4

Base Attack Bonus: +6/+1

Initiative: +13

Skill Ranks Stat Misc Total
Bluff 13 0 0 13
Decipher Script 2 7 0 9
Disable Device 13 7 0 20
Escape Artist 2 13 0 15
Hide 13 13 23 49
Iaijutsu Focus 13 0 0 13
Martial Lore 1 7 0 8
Move Silently 13 13 6 32
Open Lock 13 13 0 26
Search 13 7 0 20
Sleight of Hand 13 13 0 26
Spellcraft 2 7 0 9
Tumble 13 13 0 26
Use Magic Device 13 0 0 13

Stance: Child of Shadow

Maneuvers: Clinging Shadow Strike, Shadow Jaunt, Shadow Garrote, Drain Vitality, Cloak of Deception, Shadow Blade Technique

Spells: Magic Weapon, Alter Self, Mirror Image

Flaw Vulnerable
Flaw Something
F Skill Focus(Hide)
F Darkstalker
1 Shadow Blade Technique
3 Weapon Finesse
6 Quick Draw
9 Martial Study:

Move Speed: 40 ft./ Climb 20 ft. Inspiration points: 6

Item Cost(gp) Source
Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis 22,000 Tome of Magic
Robber Mask of Intellect +2 4,000 SRD
Mittens of the Balanced Hand 8,000 MIC
Handy Haversack 2,000 SRD
2 Organripper Daggers (hidden on body, +4 to check) 6,604 Sinister Spire
50 Darts 10 SRD
Dark cloak 0 SRD
Dark Lantern 2,000 ToM
Lesser White Raven Crown Jessica Bought ToB
Lesser Iron Heart Vest 3,000 ToB

Gold Remaining: 4,386


Notes for self: Silent Moves and Shadow Armour. Shadow Silk armour (ToM). White Raven Tactics (IL too low, level 12?)


The Cuteness is a bit of an enigma. His name was self given, as an attempt to get the right mindset for his work. He is an expert at what he does, so he has thus far been able to pass himself off as a non-sentient rodent. Being almost unbearably cute and obviously magical (given his pelt) he attracted great interest as a curiosity. This suited him well.

Using the unsuspecting nature of the peoples who kept him as a “pet”, The Cuteness managed to accumulate some items, some valuable, many simply interesting. He was always well off, however, using his natural dexterity, intelligence and hiding ability to escape those who mistreated him.

Eventually, after many years of living off of others, The Cuteness decided he wanted to see some of the world. He started off stowing away on ships, sometimes sneaking aboard, sometimes as, again, a pet. Few suspected his true nature, and those who either knew his race as sentient or saw through his ruse were dealt with accordingly. It is in this manner that The Cuteness learned to strike fast, strike hard and retreat back to the shadows.

During the travels of The Cuteness, he met an Elf woman who was clearly… Different. She seemed to be under attack by thugs, so there was nothing to do but help out. With a small, amazingly cute furball leaping towards them, throwing a barrage of darts, the thugs had no choice but to flee. After the thugs fled, The Cuteness drew back, secreted his weaponry about his person again, hiding it from view, but the elven woman talked to him, seemed to know he was intelligent. She wasn’t even facing him while talking. It seemed to be… In his mind.

Something about her was not right, however… She seemed to rambling, nearly incoherent, as if something dark and twisted had tainted her. Her skin was jaundiced, and seemed somehow… Moist…

Jessica Ondomiel had a string tied to The Cuteness, she knew his true nature. The Cuteness, on the other hand, knew her true nature as well, of her corruption. This lead to an uneasy truce, with Jessica being cover for The Cuteness, and he getting to explore the worlds in return for not revealing her secret. This lead eventually to the Pearl Court, where The Cuteness was not happy at all to go. Too many sages meant too many people who may know his true intelligence. It would be a challenge to dupe anyone, here. The Cuteness constantly prodded at Jessica to leave, and while he was waiting, took to stealing and studying the many curiosities gathered by the Ayus Magi.

The departure of Jessica from the Pearl Court was fortuitous, as The Cuteness was beginning to suspect that more than a few Ayus Magi knew him for more than he appeared. At this juncture, with Jessica no longer having as strong ties to the Pearl Court, The Cuteness saw no reason he should stay with Jessica. Let her keep her secret and him keep his. He could find his own way around the worlds, after all.

The Cuteness

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