Let me emphasize that you will find the CityScape manual very useful. Connections will be important as will possible guild memberships. I’m big on player created content, so this is your chance to write up people or NPCs you might know. Write up none, and life may be lonely and hard.

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The steampunk variant of Eberron we’re using is called Dersei, and it’s locked in a slightly farther orbit from its sun, leading to fairly narrow temperate bands and great swaths of ice often half a mile or more thick in places. And in this ice, there are great and terrifying creatures, avatars of fundamental principles as well as encaged spirits from the far realm. They’re referred to as Those Who Sleep In Ice and are generally passive and benevolent. Below you lies great strangeness, and above you, worlds boundless and waiting.

The main space port is in Argonesses, hidden from the vast majority of the populace. I’ll be putting some maps of eberron (vanilla) up pretty soon, and then later this month in the lull prior to exams, I’ll pull together some maps of Dersei proper. There is a small space port that’s open secret of house cannith’s in Sharn, conveniently located somewhat outside the city on the icy southern flats. This is very likely the one that you might have met Jessica at, as contracts for business out of it are highly sought after. This is in large because of the great difficulty of dealing directly with the dragons of Argonesses who control the primary spaceport and move according to bizarre prophecy. Normally great debate rages among them regarding the permissions required to run something as simple as…. say…. the delivery of off-breeds of dog. Beagles in specific cause a great deal of consternation among them for reasons unknown. Managing this constant friction is a difficult job which is generally left to the various spacer-guilds. Unfortunately, if you are independents, and many are, you get to finagle and haggle with dragons yourself. This is often unpleasant and can send you haring off looking for fresh treats or bribes.
At the Cannith Port (South Space Docks) the harbormasters manage all of this juggling, which is in very large part why contracts from it are considered very plum. It’s a nice hook and a solid place to meet Jessica, as negotiating the throughput with the dragons is considered a very difficult and extremely undesirable job often given to Ayus Maji… I hope this helps!
More on that later, but suffice to say that you guys will likely start on the Great Ring Docks, aboard the broken body of Siberyis himself in high orbit. Siberyis in our continuity was the father of the Lung dragons, the vast majority of whom opted not to venture down to join their more conniving brothers. Instead they next near and on their dead sire’s world-wrapping length. Here in the ring, the power structures of Dersei are only faintly present, instead the vast majority of the ring is controlled by various Spelljammer-factions but crucially also by the Factions of Sigil. We play with the 2nd ed set of factions, so there are still Godsmen running around. As a result, this means that oh-crap-enormous-foundry for making shippy bits can be found in the jaws of siberyis, hung out like a last gasp of stormy breath.
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