Jessica's Diary

Note to Readers: The following diary is an actually recorded, in game record of Jessica’s thoughts. She writes often in the morning or late at night before her trance. The diary is recorded on a simple, unadorned book and looks much like any other notebook a wizard might carry for notes. She carries a separate notebook for recording business events and certain other things that are important. The diary is bound with black leather, same as her spell book. The business note book is bound in red leather. The diary is written in columns, read from the bottom up, right to left in an Elven script (purposely confusing). It is written in 6 languages, every word alters language, changing between: common, elven, goblin, draconic, sylvan, and orc. Jessica quizzed Charon, her imp familiar, and get him to give her a list of 30 words in Abyssal that she could use, to randomly inject into the word stream. She doesn’t know what they mean and she likes to keep it that way, as she puts one of the words on the list (selected at random) every 1d4 words she writes. She can read it fairly quickly, just ignoring the injected words she doesn’t know herself. Diary is dated according to session.

Session One:

Day 1:

My task is grand beyond imagination. A quest involving Dragon Prophesy is an honor beyond honors to be sure. Too much of an honor. I am suspicious. Things are clearly at work here beyond my control. Is it Bel? Did he orchestrate this? No, not possible he shouldn’t be taking such an active interest in me. Yet. We will change that won’t we, Sepharael.

Despite the grandeur of this assignment, things have gotten off to a rocky start. Most of the problems I attribute to Leroy’s bungling of the whole affair. The man is too cautious and yet not thorough enough. On hearing of this assignment, and its obvious magnitude, the coward should have been mobilizing the whole court, with me as only a perfunctory detail of the assignment. No, instead the fool decided to shirk the responsibility on to me. Which suits my agenda, I suppose, but I cannot abide weakness, especially when he outranks me.

Evidently, we have backing by Lung dragons. Fools, the lot of them to support the decision of a lowly mortal as myself. But I’ll not look a gift horse in the mouth. No, Sepharael, I don’t intend to remain mortal for long and this little job might expedite our ends. Yes, much good to be done here.


We need to figure out what are the effects of this prophesy before I dare enter the negotiation room. I frankly don’t care, but if I can think of a way to advantage from one outcome or another, I’ll push for that. I could use that as a possible means for under the table payment from what will likely be very wealthy individuals.

Day 2:

I’ve been researching the factions further. It’s clear that the scope of this project is beyond my capacity to execute myself. I will need to recruit people to help me. The Cuteness and Seph can do only so much.

Day 3:

We’ve encountered some mindflayers. The plot thickens indeed. Priority number one is to figure out what they want and why. Elder Brains may be mad and alien beyond comprehension, but it usually comes down to something simple and that simple desire may lead me to discovering an outcome of this prophesy.

I’ve devised a recruitment strategy now, which grants me significant powers of secrecy and control over my minions, while making them think they have free will. Perhaps not my most artful or complex document drafted to date, but time will tell if the scheme works.

Jessica's Diary

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