House Rules

Okay, basically:
  1. Fighter is disallowed, you’d only 2 dip it anyway.
  2. All clerics are cloistered clerics. I know, don’t throw me in the briar patch!
  3. Only gith and mindflayers are psionic.
  4. We use the planescape cosmology.
  5. UA Variants require direct approval.
  6. I would prefer we used aspect-druids, as I’d like to rewrite polymorph and alter self.
  7. Any character that goes infinite or ni-infinite is considered Ascended and becomes an NPC. They will remain friendly to the party, but Ascended have their own concerns, often enigmatic, and their own loyalties.
  8. We will be starting in a steampunk variant of eberron.
  9. For the spelljammer material, we will mostly use the Beyond The Moon stuff until I can find something less godawful…
  10. Expect combat to about about 40% of our endeavors and no more.
  11. You start with standard wealth, at ECL 10. You will need to work out among yourselves how you are purchasing or renting a spelljammer ship.
  12. There are no Kalash’ from eberron, as they are useless without psionics.


Everything WotC but dragon and dungeon, 3.0 material should be run by me first.


Having discussed this with the GM, there is a modification to the rules of Taint from Heroes of Horror that one should be aware of. The long and short of it is that the thresholds for taint have been halved, so as to prevent obscene taint values. See Lady Jessica’s character page for the modified table.

House Rules

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