Dragon Cohort to Jessica Ondomiel



Wyrmling Lore Drake Steel Dragon

Age 1 year, 6 months.


Lawful Neutral


Racial HD 4 +2 LA/Warblade 1/Abjurant Champion 1/Jade Phoenix Mage 3

PrC Requirements

  1. Abjurant Champion
    1. +5 BAB
    2. 1st level arcane spell casting
    3. able to cast an abjuration spell
    4. Prof with at least 1 martial weapon
  2. Jade Phoenix Mage
    1. Non-evil alignment
    2. 2nd level arcane casting
    3. 1 stance, 1 strikes known +1 maneuver
    4. Knowledge Arcana 2, Knowledge History 2, Knowledge Religion 2
    5. Concentration 9

Ability Scores

Stats: 32 Point Buy
Stat: Pt Buy Lvl + Racial Taint Base Magic Total
STR 10 +2 0 0 18 2 20
DEX 4 0 0 0 12 2 14
CON 6 0 +2 0 16 2 18
INT 4 0 0 0 12 0 12
WIS 2 0 0 0 10 0 10
CHA 6 0 +2 0 16 2 18

Hit Points:

85 = [(10 + 5.5×4 + 1×6.5 + 3×3.5) + 4×9]


Save: Base Ability Magic Misc Total
Fort 8 4 4 0 16
Ref 5 2 4 0 11
Will 7 0 4 0 11


  1. Bind Vestige [ToM]
    • Flaw: Combat Casting [PHB]
    • Flaw: Combat Reflexes [PHB]:
  2. Improved Bind Vestige (Focalor) [ToM]: -2 to saves, attacks, skill checks when adjacent to Seph
  3. Ironheart Aura [ToB]: +2 morale to allies’ saves while in ironheart stance
  4. Stormguard Warrior [ToB]: pwnage.


  1. Shaky: -2 to ranged attack rolls
  2. Feeble: -2 to str, dex, con ability and skill checks.

Racial Modifiers and Abilities

  • SR 16
  • Immune to acid
  • +10 to fort saves vs. poison
  • Blind Sense 60’
  • Alternate Form (Su): Can assume the form of a humanoid or animal only.
  • Darkvision 120
  • Keen Senses (can resolve things at 4x distance of a human in shadowy light, 2x in normal light).
  • Breath Weapon (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Con): Line of Acid 60’. Also 30’ cone of poison gas (dealing 1 con damage + 1 more a minute later).
  • Racial +2 Con, +2 Cha

Salient Class Abilities

  • Rite of Waking (Ex): You unlock your ancestral memory, recalling people, places, and things done in previous lives. +2 to all knowledge checks. All knowledge checks can be made untrained now. +2 saves vs Death and Fear effects.
  • Arcane Wrath (Su): Spontaneously channel spell energy to gain a bonus on a single melee attack or martial strike. +4 to attack regardless of spell level spent +1d10 x spell level of slot expended.
  • Mystic Phoenix Stance: Sack current stance for the following benefits: +1 CL, +2 dodge to AC, +DR/evil. DR value is based on level of spell sacked when entering stance such that DR = 2x spell level. A 3rd level spell gives DR 6/Evil. Max 10/Evil.
  • Abjurant Armor (Su): Abjuration spells increasing AC grant +1 more AC per Abjurant Champion class level.
  • Extended Abjuration (Su): All your abjuration spells are automatically extended w/o increasing spell slot or casting time.
  • Battle Clarity (Ex): Can add int mod to reflex saves while not flat footed, maximum +1 (minimum +0).

Maneuvers Known

(Known 5, Readied 4) [Ready all below except Disarming Strike]

  • Punishing Stance: +1d6 damage, -2 AC [Ironheart Stance]
  • Steely Strike: +4 to attack vs 1 opponent, any other opponent gains +4 to attack vs. you. [Ironheart Strike]
  • Disarming Strike: Make a melee attack, upon success gain a free disarm attempt at no risk of reprisal. [Iron Heart Strike]
  • Flashing Sun Strike: Gain an extra attack, all attacks resolved with a -2 attack bonus penalty.
  • Revitalizing Strike: Successful attack allows you to heal 3d6+ 1/IL. Spells Known

Casts as Sorcerer 6, CL 6 (7 when in Phoenix Stance)

Spell Level Spells Known Base Slots Ability Bonus Slots Total Slots
0 7 6 0 6
1 4 6 1 7
2 2 5 1 6
3 1 3 1 4
  • 0th Level
    • Read Magic
    • Detect Magic
    • Detect Poison
    • Message
    • Silent Portal (SpC)
    • Amanuenesis (SpC)
  • 1st Level
    • Mage Armor
    • Shield
    • True Strike
    • Persistent Blade (SpC)
  • 2nd Level
    • Wraith Strike (SpC)
    • See Invisibility
  • 3rd Level
    • Haste

Skill Progression:

Skill Class Skill? Ranks Ability Mod Total
Appraise (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 1 1
Balance (O)(X)(O)(O) 0 2 2
Bluff (X)(O)(O)(X) 0 4 4
Climb (O)(X)(X)(X) 0 5 5
Concentration (X)(X)(X)(X) 11 4 15
Craft (X)(X)(X)(O) 0 1 1
Decipher Script (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 1 1
Diplomacy (X)(O)(O)(X) 0 4 4
Disguise (X)(O)(O)(O) 0 4 4
Escape Artist (X)(O)(O)(O) 0 2 2
Forgery (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 1 1
Gather Info (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 4 4
Handle Animal (O)(O)(X)(X) 0 4 4
Heal (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 4 4
Hide (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 2 2
Intimidate (X)(X)(X)(X) 12 4 16
Jump (O)(X)(X)(X) 0 5 5
Knowledge (nobility) (X)(O)(O)(X) 2 1 3
Knowledge (arcana) (X)(O)(X)(X) 0 1 1
Knowledge (planes) (X)(O)(O)(X) 0 1 1
Knowledge (Religion) (X)(X)(X)(X) 2 1 3
Knowledge (history) (X)(X)(X)(X) 12 1 13
Listen (X)(O)(O)(O) 7 0 0
Move Silently (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 0 0
Open Lock (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 0 0
Perform (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 4 4
Profession (X)(X)(O)(X) 0 0 0
Ride (O)(O)(X)(X) 0 0 0
Search (X)(O)(O)(O) 0 1 1
Sense Motive (X)(O)(O)(X) 6 0 0
Sleight of Hand (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 0 0
Spellcraft (O)(X)(X)(X) 0 1 1
Spot (X)(O)(O)(O) 7 0 0
Survival (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 0 0
Swim (O)(X)(X)(O) 0 5 5
Tumble (O)(X)(O)(X) 0 0 0
Use Magic Device (X)(O)(O)(O) 7 4 11
Use Rope (O)(O)(O)(O) 0 0 0
Total Ranks

Total Skill Points: [6+ 1 (Int)]x7+[4+1]x1 +(2+1)x4 = 66.

Key: Dragon Skills, Warblade Skills, Abjurant Champion Skills, JPM Skills

Skill Progression: A list of when ranks were taken.

  • DragonHD: Bluff 4, Concentration 3, Sense Motive 4, Diplomacy 4, Knowledge Religion 2, Knowledge Planes 3, Intimidate 4.
  • DragonHD: Knowledge Arcana 1, Knowledge Planes 1, Concentration 2, Spellcraft 2
  • DragonHD: Bluff 1, Diplomacy 2, Knowledge Arcana 1, Spellcraft 1, Concentration 1.
  • DragonHD: Knowledge Arcana 1, Knowledge Planes 1, Spellcraft 2, Diplomacy 1, Concentration 1.
  • Warblade: Knowledge Nobility 1, Knowledge Planes 1, Knowledge Arcana 1, Concentration 1, Diplomacy 1, Spellcraft 1.
  • Abjurant Champion: Knowledge Nobility 1, Knowledge Planes 1, Knowledge Arcana 1, Concentration 1, Diplomacy 1, Spellcraft 1.
  • JPM: Knowledge Nobility 1, Knowledge Planes 1, Knowledge Arcana 1, Concentration 1, Diplomacy 1, Spellcraft 1.
  • Mind Bender: Sense Motive 5, Concentration 1.
  • JPM: Concentration 1, Spellcraft 1, Knowledge Planes 1, Diplomacy 1 (CC).


Tactical Tricks

Sophocles’ main schtick is using Stormguard Warrior (SgW). Essentially what that involves is that he’ll try to position himself directly in front of Jessica so that any attempt to get at her will provoke AoOs. He’ll sack those AoOs via Channel the Storm (from SgW) for attack bonuses. For killing moves, he typically starts with a series of touch attacks to build up Combat Rhythm, then finishes with an all out full attack +wraithstrike (if necessary) for a lot of damage.

Sophocles’ OoC Role

Socially, Sophocles focuses on intimidation and sense motive. He’ll usually let Jessica do the sweet talking and play the “bad cop with a sword”. He’s also more observant than Jessica (higher Sense Motive, Spot, Listen). He’ll communicate danger, detected lies, or wariness via the empathetic link. Despite his young age, Sophocles possesses an impressive knowledge of History. Jessica believe it was the Rite of Awakening that unlocked much of his knowledge, and that certainly did not hurt, but the real reason is that Sophocles is an insatiable reader and practically devoured the History section of the Library.



Here is the overall chronology of how Sophocles came to be an Ayus Protar of Jessica Ondomiel.

  1. Years before Jessica was abducted, in the later years of her employ as a Court Wizard to Dominaeus, she came to know a Steel Dragon (unwittingly) by the name of Donatello, disguised as a Half Elf bard. Donatello was Second of the Mine, in the South Farthing Mining Company, which was nominally under the control of Dominaeus. The SFMC mine is located just outside Nathyrr. It is unclear how things began, as is often the case, but Jessica and Donatello became very close friends. Some say they were lovers.
  2. In the course of their relationship, Donatello became aware that Jessica was looking for an Ayus Protar—at the time largely as a status symbol. He informed her that it might be possible to secure a wyrmling cohort to act as an Ayus Protar. Jessica was dubious, but expressed some interest in the idea.
  3. Over the years, Donatello taught her much what she might need to know about acquiring a Dragon Cohort. Jessica’s inquiries on how he knew so much on the matter were usually met with sly grin and some comment on how Bards are supposed to know everything. [Mechanically this is where she learned the feat]
  4. Donatello was apparently intent on “hooking up” Jessica with a wyrmling of some kind and told Jessica he had a “lead” on where he might come up with one. Unfortunately, before this could be done, Jessica was abducted and disappeared for three years.
  5. During Jessica’s rehabilitation, she received a note in the handwriting of Donatello. It expressed relief at her safe return and told her that he had procured a wyrmling for her. The note also expressed regret the he would have to leave the area for some time, for reasons unwritten. Jessica found the wyrmling in the martial training complex for Ayus Protar and (formerly) Battle Maji. The master trainer of the Protar explained that the wyrmling had been delivered late in the night by a Half Elf matching Donatello’s description about a year prior to Jessica’s return along with a sealed message for Jessica (which she had just received). Jessica was informed that the wyrmling, whose taken name was Sophocles, was being trained as a Battle Maji. (Such training is illegal after the Treaty of the Last War, unless the trainee in question is also bonded as a Protar to a Maji with no such training.)
  6. Sophocles and Jessica were introduced and their first meeting was, to an outside observer, extremely strange. Sophocles was in the form of a Half Elf, very much the same in appearance as Donatello. Through the Ritual of Awakening, Sophocles (offspring of Donatello), recalled many details of his parent’s relationship with Jessica. Unaware of this, and only seeing Donatello, Jessica ran to embrace her lover. It wasn’t until the two were separated, awkward introductions were properly made, that Jessica learned Sophocles was not Donatello. One might say the following minutes were filled with some very intense questions from Jessica, most of which Sophocles refused to answer on grounds that it was the wishes of his parent, who he did confirm was Donatello, that he remain anonymous.
  7. Over the next few months the two grew together and it was then that Jessica managed to convince Lazerous to help her bind Sophocles as her Protar. By the time we arrive at the point of the campaign’s opening act, the bond is scarcely two months old.

The Jessica-Sophocles Relationship

  1. Sophocles knows more about Jessica than she is sometimes comfortable with. Being the offspring of Donatello (and most assuredly from another mate), things can be kind of awkward between the two. The two regard each other very, very differently, much to the confusion of both.
  2. Jessica’s opinion on Sophocles can be best characterized by a mixture of the following emotions:
    1. Love for a child, even though Sophocles is quite obviously not her child.
    2. Jealous hatred for Donatello having bedded with another woman. Even if it was a dragon.
    3. Sophocles is Jessica’s most poignant tie to the best parts of her life before her abduction. He reminds her of all the things that were good and wonderful. He ranks among the very few people she trusts. Furthermore, when in his presence the hallucinations of Donatello are subsided.
  3. Sophocles opinion of Jessica are more enigmatic for humans, as he shares all the same motivations and thoughts of his father, Varuxtherashiivan (aka Donatello). Some new emotions have popped up, though, in light of what happened to Jessica on the Dark Moon:
    1. Admiration: Varuxtherashiivan was very fond of Jessica’s capacity for intellectual conversation. Sophocles remains impressed and given a chance, the two will chat your ears off.
    2. Love of Beauty: For some reason Varuxtherashiivan really saw something in Jessica. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. Sophocles seems to share that opinion somewhat, but less so that his Father did.
    3. Duty: The Protar bond cannot help but impart a sense of duty and obligation towards Jessica.
    4. Pity: Varuxtherashiivan found Jessica so compatible because of her even handed evaluation of all things. Since events on the Dark Moon, Jessica is decidedly more evil, in both thought and deed. Knowing something of what happened to her, Sophocles pities her and more than often tries to draw her away from evil deeds.
  4. The subject of how Jessica casts spells is a taboo subject between the two. Jessica doesn’t believe it is inherently evil, but Sophocles does. After a protracted argument on the matter, the two decided to never speak of it again

Theory on Varuxtherashiivan:

I’m not sure when this will be discovered by either Jessica or the party. All Jessica knows is that Sophocles is somehow involved with Donatello, aka Varuxtherashiivan. Jessica believes this wyrmling to be the offspring of Varuxtherashiivan. That is true in part, but careful reading of the rules on how Jade Phoenix Mages acquire their knowledge would reveal that Sophocles is actually the REBIRTH of Varuxtherashiivan, not his child in the traditional sense. It is clear, then, that Varuxtherashiivan foresaw his death and rebirth (or arranged them). How it is possible to arrange one’s rebirth with such precision is unclear to even Sophocles, as he is slowly recovering pieces of the knowledge he acquired in his former life. Mechanically, the process of reacquiring all this knowledge will be the process of him leveling and aging. The mechanism of controlled rebirth I am currently running with to simply invoke an agreement with a deity in control of his soul.


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