Ancient and implacable foe to boredom.


Heroic Chaotic Neutral
“I’m saving the world for my own damn reasons.”
“I’m here to eat milk bones and kick ass. And I’m all out of milk bones.”
Blink Dog 4/Rogue 3/Teflammar Shadowlord 4

Remaining LA of 1 for an ECL 12 Buy off in two levels.

BaB 9 Str12 Dex18 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 10 Cha 8 HP:68

AC = 21
Penalty from aggressive & vulnerable (-2) Bonus from dex (+4) Natural (+3) +1 Mithral Breastplate (+6, -2 armor check)

Init: +17
+4 from dex, +4 improved initiative, +7 warning and eager, +2 sandals, +2 aggressive


Flaw: Vulnerable
Flaw: Shaky
F Improved initiative
F Dodge
1st Mobility
Retrained Two-weapon Fighting
3rd Weapon Finesse
6th Craven
9th Shape Soulmeld – Planar Ward

Skills (only skills with ranks listed):
Hide: 18 (-2 ac)
Move Silently: 18 (-2 ac)
Listen: 14
Spot: 14
Search: 14
Use Magic Device: 13

Mind vault, head, MIC 8k
+1 mithral breastplate, Armor 5k
Forepaws of the balanced hand, Gloves 8k
Hindershells of the vagabond, Hindpaws 4k
+1 eager Ghostouch armblade 1d6 18k
+1 warning Ghostouch armblade 1d6 18k
Collar inset with Amulet of Tears 2.5k, MIC70


Broh is a simple man. That is to say, a simple dog. Over two hundred and twenty years old, Broh is a well-known quantity in the area of Thrane, a quiet and deadly presence aligned with the more militant arm of the gatekeepers. His core duties have revolved around investigating and reacting to planar travel in unauthorized zones as well as the casting of spells such as Gate which have the possibility of causing serious disruption. His personal history, however is much more colorful than his modern occupation might suggest.

Early in life in Arcadia, he became involved with a militant faction of celestials bent on ending the bloodwar through any means needed. This placed him in contact with all manner of fiends and conflict, and he still carries many of the scars proudly. His involvement came to an end though, almost seventy years ago. He adamantly cites irreconcilable differences, claiming that they asked for custody of his non-existent children. The Hand of Righteous Fury, his former organization, is less amused, citing the betrayal of an entire contingent of Celestials and their fiendish allies to the hound archon legions as due cause for his expulsion.

Momentarily there after, Broh vanished. More that clever enough to realize that waiting around for a formal report was a categorically bad plan, Broh opted to scramble. His travels took him across the majority of the outer planes, with a particularly long stay in Bytopia and the Beastlands before settling in Sigil for twenty years. After this, he ran the spelljammer circuits for a reasonable period of time, working as a guard and salvage-hack. This brought him to the Ring above Dersei, and the rest is history he stalwartly refuses to discuss with strangers.


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