The SpellJam-Sessions


For the full log, see here:

Summary of Events

Under the premise that Broh would like to discuss the proposed employment contract with his supervisor, Gern, Jessica and Seph tag along and meet Gern at a Tea House, near the Shifter ghetto, presumably not far from the Pearl Court. There, Jessica meets up with Gern, Broh, Zeth, and Tara. After some protracted discussion and recruitment efforts, Jessica manages to achieve the following:

  1. Gern, Broh, Zerth, and Tara have all signed the employment contract.
  2. Jessica promises to draft a contract ensuring that Zeth will be compensated for damages incurred to her ship. (See draft contract below)
  3. The newly forged part begins to head back to the Pearl Court, but are interrupted by a spot check… DUN DUN DUUUNNN!!!

Draft Contract

Jessica Ondomiel, Ayus Maji First Degree, and her companions (Seph, Zeth, Tara, Gern, and Be’Dawgh) hereafter referred to as “The Party”, enter a contract of insurance by signing this document. The document is only valid up on the receiving signatures of all constituent sentients of the Party.

The Party agrees to fully compensate the value of any damages incurred to Zeth’s ship (hereafter referred to as the “Ship” ) under the following circumstances:

  1. The damages occurred while the Party was present on the Ship or within 10 miles of the ship, while it is in port.
  2. The damages are not result of Natural Disaster, Sabotage from a 3rd party, or any other circumstance that might be considered far beyond the power of the Party to control. Such events are referred to henceforth as “Acts of the gods” and are not covered by this insurance policy.
  3. The Party is responsible for protecting from damages (or compensating damages) from overt and visible enemies.

Compensation is to be handled in the following way:

The cost of repairs or other such compensation will be determined when it happens. Repair cost estimatees will be verified by at least one independent party, selected by Zeth. The estimated cost will then be divided among all members of the Party. Funds will be collected by Jessica at minimum, one day prior to making payment for the repairs and disbursed to Zeth on the day payment is made.


Should any member of the Party fail to provide adequate funding, this contract ensures that Jessica will provide the remainder to the best of her ability. Should Jessica be unable to provide sufficient funds to cover the difference, this insurance policy is considered “Maximized” and the burden of the remaining repair costs falls on Zeth. Any overage costs that Jessica must cover will be considered as a loan, with 10% interest accrued monthly to the character unable to provide their share of the repair cost. Any damages beyond what this policy can maximally compensate is considered to be profit loss due to business risk and does not obligate the signees of this contract any further.




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