The SpellJam-Sessions



Jessica is offered to arbitrate the burial of a certain Steel Dragon, who is revealed to be Sophocles’ self in a former life. The Cuteness tags along as Jessica attempts to prepare for the arbitration by researching the factions involved. We begin by asking Leroy, the man who informed us of the job in the first place. Several things are revealed here.
  1. We are contracted by some powerful dragons specifically and for reasons unknown to Leroy
  2. We were given access to several purportedly dangerous books, one of which was on Dragon Lineage. It was later revealed that this book details a connection between the blood of Vol and this particular dragon prophesy. The blood of Vol is, evidently, connected to the 13th and now taboo Dragonmark of death.
The following information is revealed from a Lung Dragon in alternate form. There are six factions, only five of which the Lung Dragon knew of:
  1. Faction One: This faction favors non-interference and desires the dragon to be buried as planned in the normal location on Syberis.
  2. Faction Two: Prefers the grave to be easily accessed and watched; they want it on planet, specifically in Thrane.
  3. Faction Three: Prefers a planetary burial on Armonessis. Presumably for more ready access.
  4. Faction Four: Prefers to destroy the body, ridding any prophesy associated with its burial.
  5. Faction Five: Bury the body in Syberis, as planned, but in the head, not the body. Reason unknown as of yet.
  6. Faction Six: Unknown/Unrevealed.
  7. Additionally it is revealed that Lung Dragons, interested in preserving the neutrality of the universe (or so they claim), are backing the results of this negotiation and providing the necessary enforcement to legitimize the decision.
  8. It’s also clear that we are permitted an arbitrary amount of time to resolve this issue, though the more speedy the better.

After some additional, book research is performed, we are met with 2 teflammar shadowlord blink dogs, on of which is disguised as a human via polymorph (presumably). Some conversation ensues, to no real end. The two parties split, with Jessica and The Cuteness heading back to Leroy’s office to return a the book on Dragon Lineage. We are met with magical darkness and a mindflayer, who is rapidly dispatched, but no Leroy. Disturbed the presence of a mindflayer we hurry towards Jessica’s master’s office, Lazerous. We are intercepted along the way by another mindflayer, who appears to be chasing the two blink dog shadowlords we met previously. A brief combat ensues and the mindflayer is dispatched. It is made evident that one of the Blinkdogs would like to join our party at this point.

Jessica hesitantly accepts, under the condition that a contract of loyalty be signed before Jessica is willing to accept further assistance, due the information sensitive nature of her mission. That contract was not declared at this point and was left for the second session. The contract that Jessica will demand is written as follows:

The signee of this document hereby acknowledges that they are helping Lady Jessica Ondomiel Maji, first degree, accomplish a task of arbitration (hereafter referred to as (the) “Arbitration”) that is of significant importance and interest to a number of powerful draconic parties. The rewards for assisting Jessica in this endeavor are substantial and are enumerated as follows:
  1. A full share of all incidental materials acquired that do not directly pertain to the Arbitration. Precise distribution of materials will be determined on a case by case basis, with final resolution coming from a majority rule.
  2. Equal access to consumable goods, including food and housing, which will be provided as long as Jessica is physically capable of doing so.
  3. Full access to any spell or ability or service which Jessica or other members in her party are capable of providing, with the exception of services that may intrude upon the confidentiality of the Arbitration.
  4. Assurance of resurrection and fastest possible healing in the event of injury or death.

Along with the benefits there are a few restrictions, pertaining to the confidentiality and legality of the Arbitration.

  1. The signee is on a strictly need to know basis regarding the particular details of Jessica’s mission. Such information is legally privileged and obtaining any such information regarding this case without receiving Jessica’s expressed permission is tantamount to obstruction of justice and subversion of Court. Such acts will be punished according the Law of the Land.
  2. In all matters pertaining to the acquisition of information, the pursuit of justice and a fair hearing, with respect to the Arbitration, Jessica is to have the final decision. Failure to comply to the fullest extent may be used as grounds for dismissal and possibly removal of materials accrued. Jessica is duty bound to inform the signee when such decisions fall under this category and her judgment on this matter is not to be questioned, as explanation may break confidentiality.
  3. Absolutely no discussion of matters related to the Arbitration is allowed outside the party. Failure to comply will be treated as contempt of court and grounds for immediate dismissal and confiscation of materials accrued while in employ of Jessica’s party.
  4. The signee is expected to respect all the Laws of the Land while in Jessica’s employ, speak truthfully, and generally remain presentable before the public. The Maji are not interested in partying with or being seen with social embarassments and unsavory individuals. Blatant and repeated violations of this rule, depending on severity, will be grounds for dismissal.

In signing this document the signee hereby declares that they have no competing interest in joining this group with respect to matters of the Arbitration. The signee agrees to all of the above terms and their associated penalties should they fail to meet them.


Comments welcome. That was purely from memory, so there may be faults. If you find an omission, an error, etc fix it yourself or leave a note in the comments and I’ll fix it. I’ll try to have a log entry prepared for every session.


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